Tribal Wars 2 Video and Gameplay Revealed

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tribal wars 2 splash01

InnoGames released the announcement video for Tribal Wars 2, showing alpha footage of the game on browser, Android and iOS for the first time. Also included in the footage are interviews with members of the team and InnoGames co-founder Hendrik Klindworth, all describing their visions for the game and upcoming features.

Odin Quest New Version 8.6 Available Today

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Recently Changyou received exclusive operating rights and started to make changes to the one of most popular web games, promising a much better gaming experience! Gamebox has started to fulfill those promises with the launch of free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG Odin Quest Version 8.6. also have plenty of key codes left that you can redeem for free items!

Nom Nom Games Unveils Monster Madness Online

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Nom Nom Games, a newly formed indie subsidiary of Trendy Entertainment, today unveiled its first studio project, Monster Madness Online. This new F2P Action RPG Shooter set in the Monster Madness universe sees the return of four high school slackers who demonstrate exceptional monster-bashing skills. And it is playable in your browser.