C9 "Gunslinger" Item Key Code Giveaway

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Get A Free Item For Continent of the Ninth - Seal

To celebrate Continent of the Ninth - Seal (C9) latest Update with the new advanced class, Gunslinger, we have teamed up with WEBZEN to give away Gunslinger Media Promotional Chest including weapon remodeling item and boost item. Don't waste time and claim your free key code now!

Claim your key for free items now!

The key code grants you a box that contains a limited Snake Weapon Remodeling Item and a Remodeling Spellbook that you can use in free-to-play action RPG Continent of the Ninth - Seal (C9). 
Gunslingers, the most anticipated class of Continent of the Ninth Seal, are the fifth advancement within the hunter class; they specialize in long and close-range attacks with dynamic skill effects, that take down and knock back targets with dual pistols and shotguns.
Along with the Gunslinger update, the fifth Continent Survival Mode will be introduced. This mode will become one of the most challenging features with its highly-leveled boss monsters.

Game Overview
Continent of the Ninth Seal takes players to the fantasy world of Tampera, in which they fight against evil forces and gigantic monsters. Utilising extremely powerful melee, ranged and magical skills, players will fight swarms of evil, demonic forces using FPS style controls in a huge, dungeon-based 3D world.

Players can create their characters from a choice of four classes, including Fighters, ranged-combat focused Hunters, magic based Shamans, and Witchblades who combine bladed weapons with magical attacks. Each class has a choice of higher ranked positions to evolve into, such as Guardians, Assassins, Illusionists, or Nightstalkers.

The game is aimed at fans of action RPGs as well as combat and beat'em up games, and offers an extensive combo system, which will spice up combat both in PvE as well as in the multiple styles of PvP conflict. MMO fans can look forward to Relay Matches for up to 16 players, Deathmatches, Team, and Individually Ranked matches, as well as many PK opportunities.

How to claim your key

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Continent of the Ninth Seal - Gunslinger Trailer

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Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9)

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